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Who we are is operated by Naima Niemand and Samurai M, a couple who live in Japan.

Naima Niemand is a German-Japanese and she was born and raised in Japan. Although you can call her “Japanese,” she has always felt that she didn’t fit in with the Japanese society due to her German blood and she can therefore analyze Japan from an objective perspective. She is the primary author of and speaks English, Japanese and German.

Samurai M, a full Japanese who was also born and raised in Japan, loves Japan and provides opinions based on his Japanese point of view when Naima Niemand writes articles about Japan. He also writes articles, but as he only speaks Japanese (for now), Naima Niemand translates them into English.

Our objectives

Our goals are to transmit both the coolness and the uncoolness of Japan to the world.

Although so many people fancy about exotic and mysterious Japan, only few know the dark side of the country nor what the people there think. As each country has its upsides and downsides, Japan does have cool and uncool aspects. Even if Japan looks to be an attractive place to visit as a tourist, it’s not always so if you live here.

As well as writing about how cool Japan is, we are going to write about controversial topics and darkness of the country based on real comments of the Japanese people.

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