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Photo of Tokyo during COVID-19

Ever seen photos of Tokyo taken during COVID-19? Here are some rare photos of Tokyo without people.

Photos of Tokyo during COVID-19 (March 28th)

On Saturday March 28th 2020, I had to go to the office to do some chores. It was just before Japan’s Prime Minister Abe declared the state of emergency on April 7th, but there were almost nobody at all in the city of Tokyo.

I took the above photo on the pedestrian road in front of Shinjuku Southern Terrace Exit. Usually there are so many people on the street especially on weekends, but there were only a few that day. I think I could only take such a photo of Tokyo during COVID-19 pandemic and I won’t ever have another chance (which I don’t want anyway)…

I took the following picture at Keio Line Shinjuku Station. Surprisingly, there were relatively more people than in other areas in Shinjuku.

Photo of Tokyo during COVID-19

Keio Line exit at Shinjuku Station (Photo taken on March 28th, 2020)

Inside a subway train. There were hardly anybody here:

Inside subway train (Photo taken on March 28th, 2020)

I’m glad I didn’t have to take a crazily packed train this day.

An underground street. All I saw was just a security guard:

Underground street (Photo taken on March 28th, 2020)

Underground shopping street in Shinjuku. There are relatively many people:

Underground shopping street in Shinjuku (Photo taken on March 28th, 2020)

In general, there were far less people than usual, but the number of people varied from location to location and it wasn’t quite even. I had the impression that there were less people in business areas, while there were more people in living areas. Maybe the ratio was about the same as usual in each area.

Photos of Tokyo during COVID-19 (May 4th)

I also took a walk in my neighborhood on May 4th. It was more than a month after I went to Shinjuku on March 28th. I didn’t leave home at all ever since I went to Shinjuku, so I got dog tired just by walking 6 miles. πŸ˜›

Japan was already under the state of emergency, but government allowed citizens to take a walk in the neighborhood, go out for buying essential stuff and go to the office as necessary.

I went to a nearby park where all play equipment was sealed and no kids were playing. Here are some more photos of residential areas of Tokyo I took during COVID-19:

Swings at nearby park (Photo taken on May 4, 2020)

Photo of Tokyo during COVID-19

Sign saying play equipment not available (Photo taken on May 4, 2020)

On the streets, on the other hand, there were many people this day. As far as I heard from others, there were fewer people in town in the middle to the end of April, but it looks like more people left home during “Golden Week,” a major holiday season in Japan.

As of June 3rd, I still stay at home and work from home, but I hear that there are even more people on the streets. With the fact that the number of new cases jumped up since the Japanese government lifted the state of emergency on May 25th 2020, I feel it’s too early to go out, but the majority of Japanese workers have to go to the office.

There are multiple factors behind this, but one of the biggest reasons is that, even though they learned that they could work from home during this COVID-19 crisis, the Japanese still think that physically working in the office is the right thing. I think I’ll stop this before I get off topic, but this is a serious issue.

Anyway, the number of new cases might be a lot less now, but the situation is far from an end. I’m not sure when I will feel comfortable to leave home again.

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