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The COVID pandemic doesn’t seem to end any time soon, but I hope you guys are doing good somewhere in the world. 😃 Tokyo entered the rainy season yesterday (June 14th 2021) but the weather is so nice today!

Usually I work from home because of the pandemic, but I went to Shinjuku today to do some chores and took some photos.

There were not too many people outside because it was hot, but train stations and buildings were as crowded as usual. I took these pictures around 11am at which there are usually few people in town, but today there were as many people as before the pandemic.

Tokyo is under another state of emergency, but it’s already the third time and people have already got used to it I believe. In addition, we only have about 400 or so new COVID-19 cases in Tokyo every day and young people don’t care much about getting infected.

But no wonder they want to go out in such a nice weather right? Especially when there are not many active cases in Japan… But the government and news media talk as if citizens are to blame for the spread of the virus rather than the virus itself. And they don’t even vaccinate young generations!

I hope the situation will clear up very soon and we will be able to go out/travel as much as we like without being watched over by the “self-restraint police!”

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